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Gap fair

Futurewise School Leaver & Gap Fairs

Inspiring Futures run a series of gap, travel, volunteering and skills development fairs in partnership with host schools across the country. In the last academic year 2600 students attended a career and gap fair organised by us. 

A variety of companies attend our fairs and offer anything from skills courses such as learning to sail, apprenticeships/internship programmes, acquiring business skills or preparing for medical school, to volunteering and travel experiences such as marine conservation projects in Fiji, or teaching orphaned children in South America.


If you would like to run a School Leaver & Gap Fair in your school, please contact


What students say:

“I am now going to take a break volunteering over summer before uni – thanks!”

“It’s good to see all the different options in one place.”

“Enjoyed the breadth of options at the fair”.


What exhibitors say:

“Pupils very well prepared. Knew what they were looking for. Well organised.”

“Very polite and keen.  Asked lots of questions and listened. Well prepared.”