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Hampton School

Hampton School, Hanworth Road, Hampton, TW12 3HD


Tuesday 12th September 2017, (12.30 – 2.00pm)

Hampton School gap fair was very well attended last year with over 400 students. Previously a biennial event held in rotation with Lady Eleanor School, Hampton will now be hosting this every year, with the students from LEH in attendance.  w:

Exhibitors attending include:

African Conservation Experience
Art History Abroad
Avenue Cookery School
Cotswold Outdoor Ltd
Tante Marie
Orchards Cookery School
Projects Abroad
Start Me Up
The Leap
John Hall Venice
Dublin Cookery School
Wyld Cookery School
Go Make a Difference in Tanzania
Blue Ventures

Conde Nast

Swiss Education Group

Snow Skool


Love the Oceans

Gap Year Safety

Dublin Cookery School