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Building a career in Engineering inspired by our Career Insight Event

Hosted in the fantastic break-out space at the Ramboll UK Headquarters in central London, the Engineering Career insight day gave students a real insight into what their working world might be like if they following a career in engineering.Surrounded by a ping pong table, comfy sofas and table football, the students got to meet engineering undergraduates and employees alike, with a great talk from Ollie Wildman, Associate at Ramboll, who described engineers, first and foremost, as problem solvers. Are you considering engineering as a career?  How would you think about solving these three problems that Ollie described?

Some discussions from the day included:

Demographic changes

The ageing population and an expanding middle class causes problems for society that need to be solved by engineers including threat to economies and public budgets, as well as increased demands for high-quality buildings, energy and transportation.


By 2050, two-thirds of the world’s population will be living in cities. Engineers will be needed to come up with sustainable solutions for buildings, transport, energy, environment, planning and governance.

Environmental issues

Air, land and water pollution is increasing to the rate where only 0.3% of water on earth is drinkable creating a huge demand for engineers to create long-term environmental solutions.

Following the morning talk, students then took part in a speed networking Q & A session, which allowed the students to talk to a range of different engineers to ask what their roles are really like. Emma Thomas from the WISE Campaign also joined us for this session to tell the students all about her experiences.

The day finished with a hands-on bridge building activity mentored by Alan Roper from Ramboll, where students had to build the strongest bridge for the lowest budget, with the Inspiring Futures team acting as the shopfront for the materials – all we can say is that there was a big run on sellotape towards the end of the task! Check out some of the bridges in the photos to see what we mean.


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