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Futurewise sets the benchmark for excellent and progressive career guidance in the UK and internationally.


It provides a comprehensive and personalised service to today's generation of students to enable them to take control of their own career planning choices and stand out from the crowd.

The Futurewise programme provides ongoing support for students through a series of online psychometric assessments, developed in line with the latest thinking in psychometrics, a detailed full-colour profile report that presents individual assessment results to create a clear picture of personality, career interests, abilities, strengths and learning styles, impartial guidance interviews and all the benefits of Futurewise membership.

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How your school can benefit from Futurewise:

  • Engages students in their career planning by delivering an interactive programme that uses innovative online profiling.
  • Flexible packages to meet your school requirements and easy to incorporate into your school's timetable.
  • Provides seamless long-term guidance and support to students at key transition points and until the age of 23 through Futurewise membership.
  • Engages parents in the service received by their child so they can support them in making informed subject choice and career planning decisions.
  • Enhances your school's reputation by delivering high quality, impartial careers guidance through a trusted partner.
  • Prepares students to succeed in the extremely competitive world of work, by offering psychometric assessments like those used by graduate recruiters.

Here are just some of the services your students can receive with Futurewise:

  • Online psychometric assessments
  • Personalised profile report, provided electronically. (A report is also available for parents)
  • A face-to-face impartial guidance interview in Year 11/S4 to discuss the individual's assessment results, career suggestions and develop a student action plan
  • My Futurewise webspace - a personalised webspace for students featuring their assessment results, a range of interactive tools and resources to support continued research and decision making. (Webspace is also availabe to parents)
  • A professional Information, Advice and Guidance Helpline to answer career and higher-education related questions

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Additional features for schools

  • Futurewise school management system
  • Futurewise tutorials and lesson plans
  • Futurewise launch and progress talks that are useful for parents' evenings
  • An additional guidance discussion for students in Year 12/S5 
  • One free place at a CPD training event for school career staff  

These additional features are available with the purchase of specific service levels.

Further information

Call us on +44 [0] 1491 820382 or email us at for information about our flexible service levels including a profile and interview package.