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Futurewise Direct

Futurewise is a comprehensive and progressive career guidance and higher education programme from Inspiring Futures which is used by thousands of students and hundreds of schools, both in the UK and Internationally. The programme is also available to individuals.

Futurewise Direct supports individual young people to explore their career aspirations and make informed decisions about subject choices, higher education, alternative pathways and future employment. The programme helps young people between 15 and 19 to:

  • Make decisions on subject choices                                                                    
  • Understand how their strengths, interests and personality fit together
  • Consider university options & alternatives to higher education
  • Helpline support until 23 years of age.

    The Futurewise programme can help provide direction for young people and their parents, by providing encouragement and some plausible options for the individual to work towards at an important time in their life. Through understanding their strengths and aptitudes, the confidence of an individual can be raised by a full review of their skill set, which is brought together to offer options for careers, work and higher education choices.

What's included

Futurewise provides a detailed profile report, containing insights into the individual's strengths, motivations, personality and aptitudes, based on the results of an online psychometric assessment. An impartial guidance discussion with a qualified guidance practitioner then gives an opportunity to explore possible career paths and supports the young person with their immediate next steps.

Continued support is available through a personal web space offering careers support through useful resources and a careers and higher education helpline. A potential second interview, regular communications and discounts on career insight days can support the individual at key decision points.

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Two different guidance packages are available to individuals:

Psychometric Profiling Personal profile report One to one guidance session Information, advice and guidance helpline Access to Futurewise webspace Second guidance session

(available upon request)
Discounts on career insight events

Futurewise Careers Guidance programme






(until 23rd birthday)


(until 23rd birthday)


(until 23rd birthday)


Guidance session only


To download an enrolment form

If you would like to find out more about Futurewise, please contact us at or call us on +44 [0] 1491 820382.

About Inspiring Futures

Inspiring Futures is an established and trusted career guidance provider specialising in career guidance for young people. The high quality of the information, advice and guidance given to young people is recognised by Matrix, the industry standard assessor.