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  • Enhancing your school's career guidance

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    Futurewise for schools

    Find our how our Futurewise career guidance programmes can help you in the UK and internationally.

  • Recognising each young person's potential

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    Futurewise Direct

    Learn how we can help you with making important decisions about your future.

  • Helping students make confident decisions

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    What is Futurewise?

    Impartial career advice, guidance and planning programmes for young people offered in the UK and internationally.

  • Annual Conference 2018

    Annual Conference 2018

    This year’s theme, “The Future of Higher Education – The Changing Landscape”, will focus on how the UK higher education landscape is changing rapidly as universities and colleges innovate in response to falling applicant numbers, greater scrutiny of teaching and learning and rising student expectations about value for money. The IF Annual Conference 2018 brings together speakers such as Clare Marchant, Sir Anthony Seldon and many more!

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